“I’ve always felt as if my hands were made for sculpting” – Valerie Hull

I create one of a kind, handcrafted, polymer clay sculptures. Some of them do have mixed materials. Lately I’ve been creating fully clay versions. I use various paints and pastels to color them.

When I sculpt the body naturally forms from just the shape of my hands. As almost as if we were all created by God’s hands.

It’s fun to see all the nuances you can put into something handcrafted like this.

All of my OOAK sculptures are all lovingly created by hand.

Angel for Ukraine

The colors may show different on monitors.

Clay is my favorite medium.

It’s amazing to build something up from scratch.

I’ve made so many sometimes it’s hard to store them all. I can see how my style changed over the years.

I love realism, but I don’t want my art to just be a photo graph.

I used to believe that everything had to be perfect, but then I realized that there is beauty in imperfection.

I hope you enjoy this gallery. If you are interested in purchasing my art check out my Etsy store.

My passion for sculpting is in many forms. I create realistic, religious, and fantasy artworks.

I shinned a black light on her and this is the result.